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BizGo is a privately held company based in Dallas, Texas. We are one of the fastest growing distributors of New, Refurbished, Certified Pre-Owned & Used Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Wearable Technology, Accessories and Peripherals in the Wireless Industry today. We specialize in a wide variety of products from all the major OEM’s and Carriers. Our aim is to help our customers meet their requirements with optimal levels of service. Purchasing technology and mobility products should not be a stressful experience and we strive to make this portion of your business seamless and effortless..

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Why Choose BizGo?

Global Reach

Our understanding of the local markets for wireless equipment all over the world means we can help you optimize your distribution and reach emerging and niche markets everywhere.

Flexible & Reliable

At BizGo we are willing and able to take calculated risks and share in the risk and the reward with our partners. We are also extremely focused on our partner’s business objectives and will often find a market for equipment that other distributors can’t handle.

Competitive Pricing

Our team at BizGo is confident in its understanding of the marketplace and very aware of the impact time has on the relative value of most mobile equipment. We make decisions quickly and act swiftly to capitalize on the current trends and opportunities.

Asset Recovery

Recover and retain maximum value for distressed inventory. Whether it’s unsold or returned, BizGo will help you minimize loss and distribute your products responsibly. As a key player in the wireless equipment marketplace, you know consumer demand is extremely dynamic and challenging to predict. New devices enter the market on a daily basis from all over the world and buying preferences change rapidly. No matter how good you are at product portfolio management, you are likely to face inventory challenges from time to time.

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Meet Our Team

Numan Haider

Founder and Ceo

Bobby Sanghavi

VP Sales

S. Mahesar


Nas Qureshi


Our Location

New York

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